Loans & Funding For Warehousing & Transport Companies

Loans & Funding For Warehousing & Transport Companies

The whole area of supply chain logistics is of such critical importance to businesses that any inefficiency needs to be identified quickly and remediated. Competition is intense and a driving force in continuous service improvement. At the end of the day, keeping customers satisfied is the criterion by which your business thrives or fades.

Achieving constant success requires frequent financial investment, whether to upgrade existing facilities or invest in new equipment or technology. Added to that funding requirement is the current difficulty in accessing finance from traditional high street sources. Lending to SMEs seems to be frowned upon in banking circles which is a frustrating state of affairs for business owner.

We source funding for SMEs in alternative markets and arrange many types of financing from short term cash flow relief to long term commercial loans.

Why Use Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd?

We are experts in matching business borrowers with the right lenders. We are familiar with the majority of finance service providers and critically, we know which type of business they understand and are comfortable funding.

Once we have an understanding of your business and your proposal, we can tailor it to match the requirements of individual lenders. Each one has different criteria and may want to see different aspects of your business. We ensure your application ticks all the boxes to provide the greatest chance of successfully obtaining funds.

Types Of Requirements We Have Arranged Finance For

Warehousing and transport is a wide sector with many needs, some of which are capital items while others fall under the heading of running costs or improvements. Here is a representative sample that is far from being the complete list:

  • New warehouse build or purchase
  • Expanding an existing warehouse
  • Revamping the layout of a warehouse to gain productivity boost and reduce costs
  • Investment in materials handling equipment or other automation systems such as RFID
  • Fleet overhaul, often to invest in vehicles that will deliver greater efficiencies
  • New IT infrastructure and systems, such as WMS or other automated control systems
  • Business expansion and organic growth through acquiring complementary businesses

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