Emma Robison

Emma Robison


Emma Robison – Co-Founder

After Graduating with a degree in Business and Japanese Economics, Emma worked within the financial recruitment industry in London for several years, developing an understanding for the commercial finance field. Emma went on to work for Experian, leading a team that oversaw various projects including large scale change management whilst also achieving her CPC in HR alongside insolvency and turn around qualifications.

Emma co-founded Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd in partnership with Martin’s associated business ‘CVS’.
During the formative years, the business successfully delivered finance solutions to clients nationally with a focus on asset and cash-flow finance. Following the acquisition of ‘CVS’ by Close Brothers Group PLC, Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd remained an independent business and developed additional products and services, whilst supporting Close Brothers with signposted requirements where they were unable to provide a solution for their clients themselves.

Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd has continued to provide other funders and banks with additional support for their clients where required and where the bank may not have the policy or appetite to offer a solution.

Emma has been instrumental in maintaining compliance and regulatory controls amid an ever-changing environment to ensure banks, financial institutions and their associated partners continue to deliver fair and sustainable solutions to clients, as well as ensuring back office solutions are “fit for purpose” in a heavily regulated environment.

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