Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans

Short term business loans are often a life saver for even the best run businesses. As long as the business can demonstrate a healthy cash flow and reasonable prospects in the near term, prospective lenders consider such requests favourably. Typically they are more easily sourced from alternative markets than from the traditional sources.

At Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd we search the market to provide the best short term finance options for your business at the most competitive rates.

Why opt for a short term business loan?

There are numerous valid operational reasons for pursuing a short term business cash loan. Typical examples include:

  • A final VAT demand
  • Expansion of a product line
  • Funding for supplier invoices
  • Unforeseen business costs
  • Or just that your business is cyclical

Unlike traditional longer term loans, the loan amount is usually smaller and the repayment term shorter (12 -15 months). Short term loans are usually unsecured.  They will be paid off more quickly than some other types of financing.  One of the drawbacks of short term loans can be higher interest rates. However, this is offset by sometimes being easier to access than long term facilities.

How to go about obtaining a short term business loan

The alternative finance markets are best approached through an intermediary such as Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd. The reason is that we know how each lender likes loan applications “packaged”. We also know the sectors and types of business that each lender feels they best understand and with which they are comfortable.

The process is similar when approaching the alternative markets for any type of finance:

  • Consider the level of finance you need and the repayment term you feel comfortable with
  • Contact Business Finance Solutions Ltd
  • We will learn how your business operates and why you need the finance
  • We then take your business case and proposal forward to finance providers who deal with your sector and type of business
  • We keep you in the loop every step of the way

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