At Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd we arrange flexible finance arrangements for businesses in a range of sectors. If you are considering seeking finance for your business, identifying the best fit from all the financing solution providers is what we excel at. We have been doing this for many years and know what each potential lender looks for, as well as what they will not consider.

There is a matching lender for practically every borrowing requirement and scenario.

How We Work

To achieve the best results for our customers requires specialist knowledge. That means primarily working with businesses in specific sectors so that we learn those industries and improve our capability and success rate year on year. Understanding what it takes to run a business in any given sector means we speak your language. More importantly, it means we represent you competently and coherently when putting forward your proposal to selected finance providers.

That knowledge is of such critical importance that it forms the bedrock on which our business is based. It’s why you can have total confidence in our ability to look after your best interests and focus on lenders who will listen favourably to your business case.

Our main sectors are:

If your business belongs to another sector, do speak with us in any case. Our extensive finance market experience and contact list means we will be able to assist you quickly.

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