Professional Services

Professional Services

Businesses in the Professional Services sector typically need high capitalisation and a liquid cash flow. Nowadays, traditional lenders – such as the high street banks – have tightened their lending criteria enormously. That makes it increasingly difficult to access funding in this sector.

When the need arises for funding, whether capital for expansion or a short term cash flow injection to overcome a temporary blip, turn to Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd.

Why Use Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd?

Because we are a professional services firm ourselves, we are familiar with the financial ups and downs of the sector. It’s quite a specialised sector too, because no two type of business have the same financial requirements. A dentist’s funding requirements are different from those of an engineering consult, for example.

Our area of specialised expertise is in the finance provider market. We know all the lenders out there and, critically, what kinds of businesses they understand and are comfortable dealing with. We also know their individual lending criteria and what pitfalls to avoid when dealing with each one.

The Types Of Requirements That We Typically Source Funding For

We assist surveyors, law firms, financial advisers, IT consultancies, engineers, management consultants, accountants, architects, dental practices, private GP surgeries… the list goes on.

A sample of the requirements we have taken forward to the financial service provider market includes:

  • New office acquisition
  • Organic expansion through purchasing another business in your sector
  • Purchasing new equipment or upgrading older equipment
  • Opening new markets
  • Short term finance to pay urgent bills, final VAT demands, salaries shortfall and so on
  • Investment in IT infrastructure and systems to gain extra efficiency

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