Loans & Funding For Engineering & Manufacturing Companies

Loans & Funding For Engineering & Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing is a broad sector where opportunities must be taken quickly when they arise. Speed and flexibility are often the key factors in progressing a successful business even further but obtaining suitable finance often proves elusive and opportunities slip away, or cash flow gets even tighter.

This is where Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd come into the picture. We source specialist finance providers for manufacturing businesses, from lenders who understand the needs of your sector.

Why Use Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd?

Every finance provider favours certain categories of proposal from the range of sectors and business types they understand and prefer to deal with. We know the market very well and our contact list is extensive.

Once we have gained an understanding of your operation and grasped the essentials of your proposal, we will immediately narrow down the list of potential lenders to the most likely to view your business case favourably.

There Are Many Type Of Finance Available

Generally speaking, asset based lending is the most common form of business finance. You assign the asset to the lender for the tem of the loan. At the end, there are options to reclaim the asset, renew the loan, or even upgrade the asset. Some lenders accept personal guarantees from directors.

In addition to asset finance & refinance, we arrange commercial loans, leasing, and commercial mortgages. We can ease your short term cash flow requirements through highly efficient modern alternatives to traditional credit, business loans and overdrafts. These include invoice financing, factoring and invoice discounting.

Some Typical Manufacturing Business Requirements That We Can Help You Finance:

  • Production line expansion or replacing older machinery with more efficient ones
  • Fleet finance or enhancement, such as adding lorry loaders etc.
  • Warehouse expansion and materials handling equipment
  • Business acquisition if you identify an opportunity for organic expansion
  • Short term finance to meet a VAT final demand or other cash flow shortage
  • Business expansion plans – premises, staff intake, IT infrastructure, furnishing and fittings
  • Opening new markets

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