Links to Other Websites

Links to Other Websites

You should ensure that wherever a link is provided to other information or a website which is not controlled by you, that the following warning or one with substantially the same meaning, appears prominently before exiting your website:

‘You are now leaving the website of Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd and we cannot be held responsible for the content of this external website.’

These links must also open either as a separate window, or by closing your site. Under no circumstances should a link open within the frames of your site unless you are granted permission to reproduce this by third party and you assume full responsibility for all the information contained within it.

You should note that links to any site where products can be purchased, or that are linked to with a view to products being purchased, for example a fund supermarket, should be treated as contracted information.

This means they must comply with the relevant rules, i.e. Non Advised Sales Process or Direct Offer rules. Any site linked to in this way that does not comply with the regulatory requirements should not be used.

If your website contains links that are felt to be inappropriate or damaging to your business or which could compromise your firm’s compliance with the FCA principle of Integrity, then they should not be used.

Inappropriate links would be to sites damaging to the reputation or standing of the business or any industry regulator, containing pornography, involving gambling, containing foul or offensive language or pictures or generally containing information or content that could be offensive to those activating the link.

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