Loans & Funding For Healthcare Businesses

Loans & Funding For Healthcare Businesses

There are many political, budgetary and policy factors influencing the healthcare sector, completely outside the control of participants. The rapidly changing landscape brings with it a need for agility and the ability to change direction at very short notice. These actions often require finance.

The trouble with financing healthcare business change and improvement these days is that the banking sector is now loath to lend to business. You may need to turn to alternative finance markets for both short term and capital funding.

This is where Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd enters the picture. We have a successful track record of assisting healthcare businesses to source the funding they need, quickly, easily and with minimum fuss.

Why use Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd?

Our area of expertise lies in knowing the alternative finance markets intimately. Over the years, we have built up an enviable list of contacts amongst prospective lenders. We know which types of business they are familiar with and are happy to fund. It means we can quickly match your healthcare funding requirement with the most appropriate lenders who will give favourable attention to your business case.

We can arrange many types of lending instruments, from short term finance to help you over a cash flow hiccup, to asset backed finance for new equipment or office expansion. There are many ways to achieve your funding goals and we can point you towards the most appropriate and cost effective options.

Types of requirements for which we have arranged finance

We assist all manner of practitioners, services and institutions in the sector – such as therapists, pharmacies, opticians, medical laboratories, GP and dental surgeries, health clinics, hospitals, care homes, hospices, and many more – to fund activities such as these:

  • New laboratory or surgery equipment
  • IT infrastructure and systems
  • Business expansion plans including acquiring complementary businesses
  • Merging practices to achieve greater efficiencies
  • Setting up additional offices
  • Opening new markets
  • Financing the cost of winning new business
  • Introducing a new service or product range

To begin with, we need to learn a little about your business or practice – its history, successes and challenges. Then we examine your funding requirement and your proposal. Finally we take your business case forward to a small number of specialist finance providers who will quickly assess your proposal. It all happens reasonably quickly, without any great fuss, and we keep you in the loop at all stages.

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