Foreign currency

Foreign currency

We partner with one of the UK’s leading foreign exchange providers to ensure you receive the most professional and cost-effective overseas payments service available. Their non-traditional model means they’re able to offer you a personalised and transparent approach, which is unrivalled by the banks and other brokers. Each stage of their process is managed on an individual basis, which allows you to make more informed and considered payments.

Foreign Currency Review Tool

They have also developed a Currency Review Tool specifically with cost savings in mind. It gives you the upper-hand when discussing overseas payments as we can provide insights into any historical charges and fees incurred within previous transactions. The unregulated foreign exchange industry often means charges are easily hidden within your payments. Fully understanding the makeup of these unnecessary charges is difficult and time-consuming.

This technology has exposed these charges, and as a result, helped clients reveal on average £15k per year in savings since it launched.

Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd will not provide advice, however we work closely and will refer our clients to our designated panel of experts who understand the world of Foreign Exchange to make things even easier for your business.  You then have the option to use the FX as a standalone service or as part of an Invoice Finance Facility.

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