Small Business Loans & Commercial Loans

Small Business Loans & Commercial Loans

Commercial or business loans are the simplest form of commercial finance and they can be used for a variety of reasons: for funding long term growth, a new project or contract, management buy outs or expansions, or for short term cash fluctuations such as requiring a VAT loan.

Commercial or business loans can be either secured or unsecured. You agree an amount, repayment period and the cost of the finance – for example, arrangement fees and the interest rate on the loan.

There are many types of funders offering commercial or business loans, from mainstream banks to alternative funders, such as Peer to Peer or Crowd Funders.

Commercial loans are usually larger loan requirements and, in many cases, require to be secured by property or assets. Interest rates are usually cheaper because the lender is taking a lower risk as they have their security backed by assets. However, we appreciate that some of our clients do not have such security and may need to source a loan facility unsecured.

At Business Finance Solutions (UK) Limited, we strive to get an understanding of your business and loan requirement. By working with our panel of specialist funders we can arrange bespoke commercial loans to suit your business needs and affordability.

Businesses take out commercial loans to achieve a wide range of financial goals. A loan can help fund long-term growth plans by attaining assets or setting up new teams and spreading the cost of expansion. Commercial loans are also available to bridge short-term needs including cash flow fluctuations, company liabilities (including tax) and short-term growth. Access to liquid finance increases a business’s options and allows them to capitalise on opportunities as the market changes.

At Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd we guide clients through the labyrinth of commercial loan options to find financial products best suited to their needs.

Commercial loans come from many sources, whether traditional loans through banks and finance institutions, private capital or even P2P lending/crowdfunding. Each product has certain costs attached, with varying repayment and interest terms.

Finding the right deal requires understanding your needs and determining the best terms for your financial situation and ROI goals.

Personalised Financial Products

The big advantage of working with Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd is that we understand the unique funding requirements of small businesses and specialist industries. Such enterprises often struggle to find affordable finance because of a short trading history or a sector considered high-risk by mainstream funding providers.

We widen the net by working with specialist funders to arrange bespoke commercial loans from the most appropriate source for your needs.

Non-traditional commercial finance options include:

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