Asset Finance

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a convenient and affordable means of acquiring construction, agricultural and industrial assets without the capital expenditure of outright purchase. At Business Finance Solutions (UK) Ltd, we help you navigate the best options and select the most appropriate financial products for your business and sector.

We are an experienced, independent broker specialising in bespoke asset finance plans for businesses. Secure the assets you need today without impeding your cash flow.

How Asset Finance Works

  • The lender purchases the asset on behalf of the borrower, which remains owned by the lender for the duration of the agreement.
  • The borrower leases the asset from the lender for regular repayments, covering the value of the machinery, plus interest over an arranged term.
  • Finance terms are between two and five years, (to coincide with the typical life cycle of the asset) Allowing the borrower to spread the amount into affordable monthly payments.

At the end of the term, the borrower can choose from certain options, depending on the type of finance agreement:

1) The borrower ends the agreement, ceases payments, and returns the asset to the lender.

2) The agreement is renewed with the borrower continuing to lease the asset on the same or similar terms.

3) The agreement is renewed but the asset is replaced with an alternative or upgraded model.

4) The borrower pays the lender the final Option To Purchase Fee and acquires full ownership of the asset.

Benefits of Asset Finance:

  • Outperform your competitors with the latest, most efficient assets
  • Manage repayments through an affordable, fixed payment schedule agreed in advance
  • Attain high-value equipment with minimal risk, as the assets are owned by the lending company
  • Upgrade or swap out assets at the end of your term. No investment tied to obsolete equipment
  • Finance lease payments are deductible from your corporation tax liability

Making The Right Decision

Asset Finance is a viable source of lending, but you must have sufficient stability and adequate cash flow to meet your financial repayments over the projected term.

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